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Friday, December 12, 2008

Still recovering...

from the trauma of slaughtering 3 sheep (big family!), and its the first time ive ever been present in a muslim country in eid. oh well, living abroad has downsides too.

also recovering from the meat overload that comes afterwards.

caption: i think i smell barbecue.

haha, the entire earth smells of it right now

i hope everyone had a good eid.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

oh dear...

heres a chain of emails ive recieved between yesterday and today. it started when someone called 'waleed' sent me a message to the address i use for this blog. i said


my reply:

surely you could have written more in your email than just 'hi' ?

i cant believe someone wasted teir time writing an email with two letters in it. i was already thinking 'what an idiot'

what i got back confirmed the 'what an idiot' thought:

coincidentally i found your email in one of dating website( i can not remember now).
So i just want to try.
I did just say hi , i hate typing.
So please if you are woman in Libya and interesting in this do not hesitate to write to me,
or if not please forget it.

oh my dear god

whoever put my email in a dating website is going to suffer retribution. and since they even put it under female so i'd recieve loads of this ****, im going to have rip their heart out and eat it while theyre still alive to pay them back.

i didnt think libyans had sank so low. theres even a libyan dating website now apparently. i have lost all faith in humanity.

and sorry for violating someones privacy by putting the contents of their email up here, but all i can say is he deserved it and more.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Havent been posting much recently, ive been busy and lacking internet :(

ive been up to plenty of fun stuff though, like helping a friend out with a new bird cage.

that white one's a troublemaker, it managed to get loose and we were lucky we closed the door before it got out.

and a cat's been prowling around the garden for weeks ¬_¬
once it managed to get right on top of one of the little cages and was rattling it like crazy before

im gonna have to watch out for it...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Egypt Airlines

hilarious skit, listen to it

i wonder what amusing things they have to say about us. im sure our airlines cant be much worse!

and i hope you enjoyed it, it took me 3 days to get a decent audiohost that would work on blogger!

Monday, October 13, 2008

كارثة جسر وادي الكوف

i just saw this, and i cant believe it. how come such horrible things happen in eid! this was on the second day of eid

use your heads. i cant believe they were all laughing and everything only seconds before, what the hell did they think was going to happen? dont tempt fate

الله يرحمه

Saturday, October 11, 2008


is seriously lacking

im sorry, but which would you rather see? hundreds of this:
Boring regular minubus

or an occasional one of these among them:

come on, try to stand out from the crowd. being libyan has become so cliché! :P

Thursday, October 9, 2008

3irs fever

its getting ridiculous now, there's 2 weddings in my street, and another 3 within hearing distance. sounds dont stop until 4:30 am, so i might aswell go nocturnal. is this the wedding season, or is it always like this? cos if it is, im going back to england!

and we all know how people get ready for them...
Random picture from the internet
and she's conservative with makeup by libyan standards. but to me she's so pale it looks like either:

A)She's just seen a ghost
B)She is a ghost
C)Its a picture of a doll not a human
D) She's just lost several litres of blood and is in need of an emergency transfusion

I think it looks absolutely ridiculous, especially the eyes that become twice their usual size and the edges practically reach your ears after makeup application.

if you want any more proof of how it really looks, look to your kids. my aunt went to the 'muzayin' to get all dolled up like this, and when she came back here young children were terrified and wouldnt even look at her!!
God is the best creator, and you look better as he made you. well, maybe abit of makeup, but not so much we cant see your face! and as for the Razor-sharp eyebrows...

most women i know act like im insane if i mention this, but i know quite alot of guys agree. what do you think?